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Citizen Critic Workshop for Fusebox

After the success of our discourse-based community engagement programs at The Fusebox Festival in 2012, we were invited back to conduct a weekend-long critical writing workshop with Austin’s Fusebox Festival bloggers. We developed a syllabus and a “Contemporary Performance Criticism Reader” which we distributed to participants in preparation for our arrival. Over the course of […]

Fusebox Festival in Conversation

Programmed and produced three discourse-based community engagement programs at the 2012 Fusebox Festival including: “Performance and Context” – a panel discussion on visual art and performance featuring Austin-based artists Wura-Natasha Ogunji and Michael Smith, director Phil Soltanoff and curator Hilary Graves from Austin’s Lora Reynolds Gallery . The “Hair of the Dog Performance Potlatch” where we used the “Long Table” format […]