Maximum Peformance (Beta) is a collection of essays published on between 2011-2013 and is a convenient introduction to Andy’s work, writing and ideas.

Essays include:

  • Re-Framing The Critic for the 21st Century:Dramaturgy, Advocacy and Engagement
  • Visual Art Performance vs. Contemporary Performance
  • Social Practice and Performance
  • The Politics of Cultural Production In Theater (Parts I & III)
  • Curatorial Practice and Cultural Production
  • The Economics of Ephemerality
  • Thinking Digitally: How The Social Web Is Changing Arts, Culture, Politics & Economics
  • Art in the Age of Digital Reproduction (and Distribution)
  • Notes From Berlin (Parts I * II)
  • Territorial Pissings – Reflections on Generational Conflict in Mass Media
  • Being There – Reflections on Liveness


The View From Here is the culminating report of The Brooklyn Commune Project (BKCP) a grassroots initiative organized by Culturebot and The Invisible Dog Art Center to educate, activate and unify performing artists of all disciplines to work together towards a more equitable, just and sustainable arts ecology in America.

It is a comprehensive 52 page document examining the current state of the performing arts in the United States, how we got here and possible futures – all from the perspective of artists.

The document was collaboratively created through the research, investigation and writing of a core group of artists and artist/administrators and was presented at the Association of Performing Arts Presenters conference in 2014. It has been and continues to be widely read by artists and artist/administrators in the U.S. and around the world.


The Innovation Agenda is a series of six essays taking a critical look at innovation culture, its assumptions, influences and impact. Published between October 16-21, 2013 the essays interrogate the oft-unquestioned frameworks and values underpinning “innovation” and “disruption” and problematize the application of market-driven economic theories to not-for-profit endeavors in the “human economy”.

Essays include:

  • Questioning The Innovation Agenda
  • The Appearance of Innovation
  • Corporate Influence and the Innovation Agenda
  • Seeing Value In The Arts
  • Business As Usual In the Innovation Industry
  • Invention, Innovation & Creating Real Change